About us

Spasoje Marjanovic has a Master of Laws degree from Uppsala University and has been practicing law since 2005. After several years of working in public administration and private legal sector he established his own law firm in 2013. Due to his acquired competences in migration law and labour law he became a highly demanded legal representative in proceedings at courts all over Sweden. Spasoje is convinced that justice is being achieved through dedication, perseverance and methodical approach, by "competence, persistence".

Melinda Pal has an MBA and several years of experience at working for law firms. Her cases are mainly within the migration law including work permit procedures and residence permits for family members. She acts as a legal representative at the Swedish Migration Agency and the Courts. Melinda is also involved in labour law cases with focus on the employees' rights. Melinda is a fighting spirit who instantly identifies with her clients' perspective with an unwavering belief that in the end justice will prevail.